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This website is a community powered listing website for comedy shows in Los Angeles. We list comedy shows, open mics, and videos.

How it Works

Heygoodset's robots read twitter feeds and venue websites to create listings. This is combined with submissions and information from admins to create our final listings and tweets. Besides the main listings on the website, we also have a mobile site ( and two twitter accounts. The twitter accounts ( @HeyGoodSet and @HeyGoodMics ) tweet automatically based on the listings on the site.

How to Be Listed

The website automatically reads in any tweets @heygoodset looking for event links and details and turns them into submissions. You can also submit directly here submit page.


You can always email us at You can submit a show, open mic, or video using the submit page. You can reply to tweets about listings and hopfully our robots will sort that out. was founded in 2014 by Brian Marmonson

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